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1) Legionary (5 points)
Win 100 matches to unlock the Legionary and start your accession up the ranks.

2) Centurion (15 points)
Win 250 matches to earn a promotion to the rank of Centurion.

3) Legatus (25 points)
Win 500 matches to unlock the Legatus.

4) Dux (35 points)
Win 1,000 matches to unlock the Dux.

5) Praetorian (45 points)
Win 10,000 matches to unlock this elite achievement.

6) Three-Peat (1 point)
Win 3 matches in a row.

7) Ten-Tacular (3 points)
Win 10 matches in a row.

8) Ramtastic (6 points)
50 wins in a row if quite a feat.

9) Lemon (1 point)
Lose 5 matches in a row.

10) The Punisher (2 points)
Win 50 rematches.

11) Tortoise (3 points)
Win a match after getting the first 4 questions wrong.

12) In the Loop (5 points)
Play 100 matches.

13) Hard Boiled (35 points)
Play 1,000 matches.

14) Unbreakable (45 points)
Play 10,000 matches.

15) Tie Fighter (3 points)
Tie your opponent in a match.

16) Zen Master (5 points)
Achieve a perfect score of 160 points.

17) Space Jammer (5 points)
It's time to slam now. Here's your chance, do your dance. Reach level 15 in two topics, slam jamming in zero G.

18) Flux Capacitor (5 points)
Reach level 15 in two topics. You'll need some plutonium, 1.21 gigawatts of electricity and a white lab coat. Where we're going, we don't need roads.

19) Partysaurus Rex (5 points)
To unlock an achievement 65 million drinks in the making, reach level 15 in two fields where you might dig up a "Stagger-saurus".

20) Ameri-CAN (5 points)
From coast to coast and from past to present. Reach level 15 in the topics that cover at least four dimensions of the U.S.

21) The Governator (5 points)
Reach level 15 in two different topics. Want to know which ones? Here's a hint: A certain Austrian-American was pretty successful in both these categories.

22) Library Cop (5 points)
I've got a flash for you, joy boy, you'll need to reach level 15 in two different topics. Remember, put on a pair of shoes when you need to walk into the New York Public Library, fella.

23) Book Worm (5 points)
Get to level 15 in the topics hinted at here. One could say that both topics deal with certain microcosmos, one of which is found on the ground, other in your shelves.

24) Raging Bull (5 points)
Fly like a bat, sting like a platypus. Get to level 15 in two UDDERly different topics. Punch out the competition, it's a sweet science.

25) Go-Kart Mozart (5 points)
Ah, the beautiful symphony of engine revs and tired screeching. Reach level 15 in two topics to unlock this fast paced, sweet sounding achievement.

26) Whistle Blower (5 points)
Is the sound of big business like musing to your ears? Reach level 15 in two topics that would place you right at the top of the music industry.

27) Bohemian Queen (5 points)
Will you rock us by reaching level 15 in two topics that will have News of the World in Buckingham Palace? We won't stop you now.

28) Dungeon Master (5 points)
Would Candyland look better in a Brutalist or a Neoclassical style? Reach level 15 in two topics and you'll know.

29) Slam Poet (5 points)
It's TIME to get to work, measure out your chances with a coffee spoon. Reach level 15 in two topics so your achievement screen won't look like a wasteland.

30) Back in the USSR (5 points)
Brace yourself for a D-Day landing. This is going to be a hard day's night. Reach level 15 in two topics that might place General Patton in a Yellow Submarine.

31) Redshirt Wookie (5 points)
If Han was in the Starfleet, would he have beamed up or shot first? Reach level 15 in two topics which might place the Millennium Falcon in the Fleet. No Gungans allowed though.

32) Mathemagician (5 points)
Can you manipulate the numbers? Con you conjure up a calculating robot from the future? Reach level 15 in two topics that include literal magicians and mind boggling arithmetic.

33) American Psycho (5 points)
Put on your deep pore-cleanser, your honey-almond body scrub and get to level 15 in two topics. Don't forget to bring some money to pay for your meal at Dorsia.

34) Couch Potato (5 points)
Did you know that Super Mario Bros was actually made into a TV show? Reach level 15 in two topics that would have you lounging on the couch for days.

35) Big Kahuna Burger (5 points)
Prefer a Big Kahuna Burger to a Royale with cheese? Reach level 15 in two topics where you might find a Big Kahuna Burger prop up.

36) Atlas (2 points)
Engage with players from all inhabited continents.

37) Phileas Fogg (4 points)
Engage with players from 25 different countries.

38) UN Assembly (6 points)
Engage with players from 100 different countries.

39) Bilingual (3 points)
Play in two different countries.

40) Wandering Explorer (5 points)
Play in four different countries.

41) In Orbit (7 points)
Play in ten different countries.

42) Sputnik 1 (5 points)
An in-depth exploration will be required for this one. Reach level 5 in one topic from each category.

43) Voyager 2 (10 points)
Get ready for a voyage of discovery Reach level 5 in one topic from each category.

44) Savant (25 points)
Reach level 60 in a topic of your choice.

45) Prodigy (50 points)
Reach level 60 in three topics of your choice.

46) Avatar (100 points)
Reach level 60 in eight topics of your choice.

47) Black Whole (1 point)
Score zero points in a match.

48) Plain Vanillian (5 points)
Engage in a match with a Plain Vanilla staff member.

49) Off By One (3 points)
Be one point shy of a perfect score.

50) David (10 points)
Challenge and defeat a player over level 60 in a topic in which you are level 10 or under.

51) Durable (15 points)
Play 250 matches.

52) Veteran (25 points)
Play 500 matches.

53) Novice (1 point)
Unlock a title by reaching level 10 in any topic.

05/12/2013 2:49pm

Do you know what categories you need to play to get some of these achievements? I know for example that for the Dungeon Master you need Tabletop Games and Architecture.

31/12/2013 5:10pm

Glenn-did you ever figure out how to reach the achievements on quizup?

23/01/2014 3:32pm

Yes, there is a listing on ww.reddit.com/r/quizup

03/01/2014 9:21am

I can tell you that you can get Partysaurus Rex by getting to level 15 in Drinks and Dinosaurs!

06/01/2014 4:42am

20) Ameri-CAN
u need to reach level 15 in us history

23/01/2014 3:11pm

Does anyone know usernames for any Plain Vanilla staff members?

21/05/2014 5:10am

Go to Facebook page , find photos they are tagged in . Search names on quizup friends . The vanillians have a blue ribbon on their avatars . Challenge them and when they respond you get the achievement !! Was gonna give names , but I'm meeting you half way !!!

14/04/2014 4:13pm

There is a full list of achievements. My problem is voyager 2 achievement. What is a category? I have done the correct things needed for voyager 2 but still have 0%. Can anyone help please?

21/05/2014 5:16am

Ok so I know some of my friends on here haven't even left the country (USA) yet they have gotten the traveling and orbit achievements ? Yet they are not sharing ???

Anyone know how they did it ??? I tried playing as if I was from different country but no luck ??? Still at 10 and 25% ????


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